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My name is Jonathan Barry, and for the past 10 years I have been able to find creative and unique ways to get paid to travel. It all started with getting sponsorships for working with strategic partners and eventually led to me hosting retreats in exotic locations. I want to teach you my trade secrets so you can take people on epic adventures and live your wildest dreams. 


Produce Epic Events 

In this Online Program You’ll Learn How To:

  1. Implement the Adventure Retreat Business Model in your business.
  2. Strategically Market and Advertise a Sell-Out Retreat
  3. Host a Rewarding Experience that your community will remember forever

Calling All Creators and Luminaries 

People are waiting for you to invite them on an adventure of a lifetime:

  1. Learn how to craft a compelling retreat framework
  2. Discover the best strategies and methodologies to build a strong community around your events
  3. Create strategic partners locally and internationally.


You are at a breathtaking place where you will host your first retreat. Your event starts tomorrow and you have the whole day to review your plans. Everything is ready to go. You are sipping a super food smoothie. And in this moment you realize, its all happening just as you imagined it.

Your guests begin arriving to the venue and are amazed at the environment. Everyone begins to meet each other, and the vibes are high! You can see the magic already beginning to unfold.

Finally it's the first session. Everyone comes together into a circle. You are standing next to your co-facilitators and creators. You feel strong. And on purpose. You take a moment to look around at all the shining faces in the room. This is your moment.

At this moment, you realize that your retreat means so much more than just a profit and success. Your greatest reward is bigger than what you could ever imagine. 

Seems like an impossible dream, right?

It's not. When you have the right strategy and clear vision, everything is possible. Lets make magic!

How To Host Retreats

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Create Your Own World through Retreats

  • Plan, organize, and host successful retreats
  • Add a new income stream to your business
  • Enjoy a flexible, fun business model
  • Work with incredible people
  • Help others and share your gifts
  • Expand your reach
  • Travel to exotic locations
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