The Conscious Community Phenomena

community consciousness Sep 13, 2019

The Conscious Community Phenomena 


If you’re reading this article, you likely are the type of person who loves to travel (not on a public tour), enjoys a good organic salad, owns a yoga mat, has a crystal next to your laptop and you shake your booty at an ecstatic dance. 


If this sounds like you, chances are, you are part of the “conscious community”. 


The “conscious community” as defined here in this article is a niche psychographics of people who identify as being “conscious”.  


The Psychology behind the theory

On a psychological level, the conscious community is encouraging and generally positive, however, they also encourage one to do their “shadow work”, aka don’t avoid your trauma but rather deal with it, heal it, and then grow from it! 


The Conscious community celebrates transparency and radical vulnerability. All people are seen as equal and new...

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