The Conscious Community Phenomena

community consciousness Sep 13, 2019

The Conscious Community Phenomena 


If you’re reading this article, you likely are the type of person who loves to travel (not on a public tour), enjoys a good organic salad, owns a yoga mat, has a crystal next to your laptop and you shake your booty at an ecstatic dance. 


If this sounds like you, chances are, you are part of the “conscious community”. 


The “conscious community” as defined here in this article is a niche psychographics of people who identify as being “conscious”.  


The Psychology behind the theory

On a psychological level, the conscious community is encouraging and generally positive, however, they also encourage one to do their “shadow work”, aka don’t avoid your trauma but rather deal with it, heal it, and then grow from it! 


The Conscious community celebrates transparency and radical vulnerability. All people are seen as equal and new members of the community are openly and warmly welcome.


So you might be wondering- what do you mean by conscious? Some would define conscious as being awake as opposed to asleep. 


I like to use Eckhart Tolle's definition of conscious, which describes consciousness as a state of being. 


But beyond the nuances of this psychological state of mind, there’s a big-picture revolution happening on our planet. 


People are waking up. And the more that we wake up, the more we want to find other people who are also woke, or on the path to staying awake. 


Who lives in the Conscious community?

The conscious community is made up of people who value personal development. With this umbrella concept of personal growth during the entry point, the conscious community expands into various areas of focus including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, healthy lifestyle, organic food, clean diet, authentic relating, deep connection, I gazing, breathing, dancing, expressing, laughing, and cultivating state of bliss, ecstasy, and joy. 


As opposed to other psychographics of a particular population defined by physical location, cultural lineage, age, or any particular physical attribute, is defined by a level of awareness or conscious evolution. The Conscious Community is defined by a certain caliber of consciousness. An aforementioned state of being. Therefore the conscious community is not limited to one particular physical location but rather emerges as a Vortex of energy activates a group of individuals to gather, and expand their awareness. The result of this intention gravitationally attracts like-minded people in a local community and eventually from around the world.  



In an effort to define the type of person who is attracted to the conscious community I believe the term “Seekers” for lack of a better word, defines the type or characteristic, which we embody. These traveling nomads, spiritual seekers, yogis and yoginis alike, are all seeking something, but one thing they are all seeking collectively is the conscious community. 


Keeping the Conscious Community, Conscious

Anyone who knows about the difference between consciousness and unconsciousness knows that this is a constant practice of self-awareness. So how does the conscious community stay conscious?


One of the trends I have noticed in various conscious communities around the world is the value of individuals doing their own personal transformational work to better themselves, and their community. 


Often times this type of self-development involves the resolution of family trauma, relationship challenges, body/self-perception, and eventually falling deeply in love with one’s self and accepting who we are. This is essentially the Holy Grail of the conscious community. For every individual to become fully conscious, experience full love and self-acceptance, and essentially harmonizing at their highest octave of awareness, and together, we reside at the conscious community in its fullest expression… so then what?


Finding the One 

There’s nothing worse than going through years of personal growth and then finding a potential life partner or business partner who has not done the same inner work that you have. Chances are after trying to “make it work” for a couple of months, the relationship will not work out. 


However, when immersing yourself in a conscious community you will notice that there is a general trend toward people “doing the work”.  


In fact, if you’re not doing it, chances are you’re going to be left behind. Or worse, end up hooking up with someone at a bar...


No one wants to be kicked out of the tribe, so there is a subtle yet rigorous social norm that encourages people to lean into their edges of personal growth.


Conscious Community Vortex

Within the “conscious community” there are various “Vortex’s”, which I loosely define as a conscious community gathering space. And while space itself is a physical location, the vortex is the people that make up the consciousness of the community. There are large macro vortexes such as the conscious community of Bali, and there are smaller vortexes which naturally occur based on values and passions, interests and beliefs. One of the common statements that define the smaller groups or how they are formed is that “your vibe attracts your tribe.”


On a subatomic level, every atom emits photons, which is essentially light which communicates to other atoms, and the photons send energy that will attract or repel other atoms. Further, our bodies are made of atoms, and we are emitting biophotonic energy. So every individual has their own vibration or level of awareness which naturally attracts or repels certain types of people, who also enjoy similar places, things, events, and experiences.


Conscious community vortexes often start with one visionary leader. A woman in Guatemala is guided by a spiritual vision to create a meditation studio, but instead of it being a traditional square building, she makes it a pyramid. Next thing you know another spiritual seeker creates a retreat center nearby focused more on yoga. Then another focusing on Ecstatic Dance, another on Acro Yoga. And before you know it you have a thriving conscious community ecosystem. 


This is where the Vortex it’s activated. The Vortex itself is a transient plexus of individuals, who are on the same journey of awakening, yet each individual is seeking something unique within the vortex. One lady might be seeking to expand her yoga practice, while a young man might be seeking to expand his tantra practice with a yogini. And so the conscious community is born. 


The Experience Economy

The experience economy is made up of people who value quality life experience over ownership or possession of physical items. That means that young people would rather spend their money on traveling the world and going on epic adventures rather than owning their own yacht. 


The Sharing Economy

Further, this generation of young people also values the sharing economy where rather than owning a car, they would rather share a car and pay for the times that they actually use it.

Finding Your Local Conscious Community 

On a global scale people with smartphones are “astral projecting” (aka searching on Google) to find exotic locations to plan their next great adventure. Our young generation of empowered travelers is always plotting for there next destination. 


Throughout my travels, I have noticed certain trends that have assisted me in finding and aligning with the conscious community, even when I am in a new territory. The first step is to search Facebook for “The Conscious Community of (specific town or region). Some more prominent community groups are:


Koh Phangan Conscious Community


Los Angeles Conscious Community


Ubud Conscious Community



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