Jonathan Barry Fritzler, is an Author, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur, Innovation Strategist, and metaphysician on a mission. He is the co-founder of the Mind Lab Institute, an organization that helps people transform their mind and body by researching the latest in neuroscience, Body / Brain Coherence, Flow Consciousness, and quantum theory to develop innovative frameworks for personal leadership and engineering the future.


The Mind Lab is a process that uses the scientific method as a framework help leaders plot a clear trajectory towards their goals. Jonathan has hosted workshops in over 25 cities globally with participants reporting increased clarity about their future, more energy and confidence to achieve their goals, and new insights into who they are becoming in the future.


Jonathan is a business management and marketing strategist and consults companies who utilize triple-bottom-line business models which impact people, planet, and profit. He believes education is a vehicle for content marketing, customer acquisition, and retention. He is the author of 2 books and hosts video blog about the future of education and studies the leading methodologies in innovative education. He believes education is the best tool for marketing as opposed to advertising.


As a competitive gymnast he trained to become an international champion. This is where he learned the power of meditation, as he would visualize the perfect routine before his competition, and took first place nationally. However one of his coaches crossed the line. When the perpetrator finally went to jail, for sexually abusing the boys on his team, including Jonathan. Confused and petrified by the national media the story gained, Jonathan denied anything happened and so began his journey and battle with silent depression. After multiple suicide attempts, he suddenly recieved a call from God, to stay on the planet and heal this trauma for himself and the world. 


He travels globally as a keynote speaker, education innovation expert, and engineers curricula for companies. His book has been published as an accredited curriculum at the University of Hawaii Shidler College of Business and the University of Leiden Law School in The Netherlands and also has been used as a high school curriculum internationally,


Jonathan is a social entrepreneur, participating in the launch of seven for-profit and non-profit organizations in the areas of event production, sustainability, behavior change technology and social enterprise including raising $1M in capital to build Innovation Productions Recording Studio in Waikiki, Hawaii.. When he is not building businesses he is surfing the best waves around the globe, playing music, producing inspiring videos, talking about philosophy and spirituality, or going on epic adventures..


Jonathan started his first business at 14 years old and went on to publish  book "Hack Your Education: How to Turn Your Projects into Profits" and "Make Your Passion Your Profession". He has personally led organizations to reach extraordinary results. As a representative of the United Nations Association he has traveled to numerous countries to empower youth to leverage innovation and entrepreneurship as a vehicle for suitability. Jonathan leverages 12 years of mentorship experience which helps him understand the challenges facing various markets with uncanny clarity.


Learning how to do a handstand doesn't happen over night. It requires a Rite of Passage. A process of transformation and transmutation. That is- you have to become a different person, with a new mind and new body. There's two was to get there, the slow way, and the quantum leap. Make the leap!


Past Project Success & Cool Shift

As a trusted advisor to business leaders, educators, and students, Jonathan Fritzler helps people and organizations align their business, message, and strategies to reach signi´Čücantly higher levels of sustained motivation and performance. Jonathan started his first business at 14 years old and went on to start 4 non profit initiatives and a build a $1M recording studio in Hawaii. He is the author of the best selling book "Hack Your Education: How to Turn Your Projects into Profits" and gave a TEDx Talk in 2011 about the “Education Energy Movement”. 

His curricula for education and sustainability have been adopted by the DOE, DoD, and universities international. He holds a degree in International Business and Management and has personally led organizations to reach extraordinary results. He has directly worked with over 500 individuals to help them design marketing strategies, business plans, campaigns, healing curricula, and new initiatives that help people re-design, re-align, and re-define their futures. Today Jonathan tours the world hosting workshops, retreats, and events on the #ActivateTour



I have coached elite gymnastics, competitive surfing, snowboarding, and trained high performers to elevate their capacity to create their next level life.  Let's co-create together!


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